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Rabbits make wonderful pets.  They have charming personalities and are very loving creatures.  However, most pet owners aren't as familiar with rabbit behavior as they are with the behavior of dogs or cats.  For that reason, many rabbits end up being neglected, abandoned, or discarded.

The purpose of this site is simple.  We want to provide a resource for people who want to keep these wonderful creatures in their hearts and homes.  This site is intended to provide information about rabbit care and behavior. 

UK Warning:  Myxomatosis outbreak underway

The Sad Story of Rabbits and Easter

Thinking of Getting a bun for Easter?  Make Mine Chocolate!

Protecting your buns from terrorists.

Found Some Wild Baby Rabbits???  Click HERE first.

Caution:  This site should not be used to replace the advice and care of a qualified veterinarian.

Easter Bunny Busted in NY K-Mart courtesy of The Village Voice

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